Shoreland Traditions - Water Levels
Last updated: Sunday July 21, 2019 as of 4:40 PM

St. Louis River Basin

  Current Flow (cfs) Reservoir Current Elevation Summer Target Current Flow (cfs)
Alden Lake 181 Island Lake 1368.65 1368.81 166
Knife Falls Dam 979 Boulder Lake 1390.42 1390.55 11
Scanlon Dam 904 Fish Lake 1351.60 1351.72 12
Thomson Dam 387 Rice Lake 1375.37 1375.57 3
    Whiteface 1452.75 1452.92 37
Total discharge for St. Louis River from the Reservoirs 215      

Mississippi River Basin

  Current Flow (cfs)
Prairie River Dam 140
Pillager Dam 1551
Sylvan Dam 1770
Blanchard Dam 7374

Kawishiwi River Basin

  Current Elevation Current Flow (cfs)
Birch Lake Reservoir 1419.02 422
White Iron Lake 1385.91  
Garden Lake Reservoir 1385.52  
Kawishiwi Falls   110

*Please note: Current flow for the generating stations includes the total flow through the dam plus the flow through the turbines. The exception to this rule is Thomson Dam which only displays the flow through the dam into bypassed reach through Jay Cooke State Park. Due to the unpredictable nature of stream flow, reservoir elevations, and periodic technical difficulties, Minnesota Power cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed.

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